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I am so enthralled with these Photos, cannot wait for more. I plan on sharing your site for other to enjoy! I believe you will be my screen saver so I can travel at work!
Love your work. You are quite the adventurer!!!
Leslee Fritz(non-registered)
It was nice to meet you, Jason, during the Art Walk today. Nice to be introduced to your work. I was especially taken with all the photos of the asylum. Cool views!
Bunny Plowman(non-registered)
My close friend Jane M. asked me to visit your site ... so I did. Still looking for words to express the beauty you've captured. Thank you.
Sheri Timsak(non-registered)
Your pictures are so amazing that they are able to transport the viewer to the time and place where they were taken. What a talent!
Danielle Bockart
These photos have to be seen in person to truly appreciate their beauty. Loved the exhibit in Traverse City!
My fiancé and I, as well as another couple, met these folks at the Asylum in Traverse City. All the people in our party have a design background in some fashion or another and were all very impressed with the photographs displayed.

My fiancé and I just purchase a new home and plan on decorating our home with these beautiful works of art. Truly an amazing photographer with an eye for art that blows other artist' work out of the water!

Can't wait to see more!
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