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Created 3-Nov-11
95 photos

Green Room - Building 34 - T.C. State HostpitalHallway - T.C. State HostpitalTunnel - T.C. State HostpitalBath - T.C. State HostpitalBathroom - T.C. State HostpitalElectric Room - T.C. State HostpitalBlue Tile - T.C. State HospitalBuilding 30 - T.C. State HostpitalConstellations - T.C. State Hostpital

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Guestbook for Traverse City State Hospital
Yolanda Bertaud(non-registered)
Remarkable photos capturing the haunting images of the old Traverse City Mental State Hospital. I can't stop admiring the spirit of each image. Excellent work/photographer ♡
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